The Foundation aims to be a space to reflect on the implications of the deployment of multiple Internet and technologies —not only digital technologies but also hardware components and mechanical devices— in our societies. We assume that the techno-social processes constitute an essential space to understand the most important aspects of our contemporary world.

We seek to provide diversity against the homogenizing discourse about the Internet and technologies, shelling multiple joints of these technologies, explore the various ways of understanding and living the digital, and in the process challenging the very limits of the socio-technical dialogue resulting hybridization between “analog” and “digital”.
We consider Internet and digital technologies a complex and a problematic space.

A dynamic area in which the fundamental dimensions of our societies are being constantly negotiated. That negotiation takes place through social practices. So, the experimentation of such practices opens new routes for the development of initiatives that can expand the capabilities of individuals and society to new forms of relationship and development.

Another focus is to consider technologies not only objects of study, but also as research and praxis instruments. As a result, the Foundation aims to (i) experimenting with forms of academic collaboration, (ii) testing the ways of knowledge production and (iii) hacking the dynamics from the analogical world to generate emerging social (cyber) practices. With the final intention of opening and disclosure the contents and methodologies resulting.